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Solitude = Creativity

At the beginning of the year, during a period of feeling stagnant, I decide to try my hand at visual art. Now I am a huge nerd when it comes to Nintendo, so I decide to make paintings of what I consider to be the Triforce of Nintendo: Pokémon, Mario, and Zelda.

The concept is to create a base coat with an acrylic pour, with each symbol assigned their own primary color to play off. Blue for the Poke ball, red for the Mario mushroom, and yellow for the Triforce.

After the pour dries, I will out line a pixelated design using painters tape. Now, I may not be great at freehand drawing/painting, but I can add and subtract. Luckily, that's 80% of what pixel art is! So far I have one painting done, the Poke ball. I look forward to finishing the other two.

The finished product:

#40daysofgratitudeto2020 #Pokemon #Nintendo #DIY #Acrylicpour

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