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Living it up in Roswell!

This was the moment I looked forward to all year. To finally move in with my best friend Hannah, my friend/her girlfriend Nina, and the best roommate of all, Sadie (that's Nina's dog)! When life was unbearable, I told myself: “I just have to make it to October and I’ll be set.” Now I’m settled into a cozy place to call home with people I love.

As I look back on the year from my

cocoon, I find there were lots of moments where I had the mentality of “just wait, it’ll

get better.” Now I see, the trials I thought were tests of patience were actually tests of my will to change the present. I was living and praying for a distant future, instead of working for a better present.

I could have used the time spent feeling sorry for my

state, doing something to change my state. I’m not angry with myself. I’m happy that it happened. This is one of the many lessons to be learned in a year full of unexpected turns.

One of the most influential people in my life, Dr. Martha Shaw, said this: “The only difference between adventure and an ordeal is attitude.” This phrase rocked my world. Attitude. What power does attitude have? Could attitude change Sisyphus's eternal punishment into a never ending adventure? Perhaps.

For at least one day, Sisyphus would spend his time rolling that bolder thinking of all the good that comes from it. He realizes he is stronger than the day before, and he notices flowers have bloomed along his path, and that there is a cool breeze to wick the sweat from his brow. Before he knows it, he is at the top of the hill. He watches the boulder roll back down, as he did so many times before - this time with pride in his heart, instead of malice towards the gods. He is grateful for the downhill walk in the moonlit night. As he walks down to start another day, he finds one last joy in his adventure. He has won. He has beaten the gods. A torment that was supposed to last an eternity has been made finite, just from a change in attitude.

It’s easy for us to begrudge the uphill battle and the boulder that blocks our view of the top. If we spend our time dreaming of the top, we miss the little joys along the journey. Subsequently, the journey to the top becomes arduous because we have blocked out the tangible motivation around us with our fantasies of the future.

It's alright to be displeased with 2020. It's okay to feel that way. Instead of hoping that 2021 will bring salvation, I challenge you to take stock in the present and find the beauty this year has brought into your life. There are only 40 more days before the boulder rolls down on the new year. Take this time to smell the flowers. I found a great spot while hiking at Roswell Mill!

#40DaysOfGratitudeTo2020, #RoswellMill, #Sisyphus, #AttitudeIsEverything, #KeepOthersSafe

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