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Coming Soon: 40 Days of Gratitude to 2020!

It's no surprise that 2020 has been a trying year - isn't that the understatement of the century. I could write a book of plans that didn't come to fruition, because of the gauntlet of trials this year threw at us. I mean, this was the year I'd get my entire life in order and obtain every dream I've ever had... well, perhaps that's a bit of an over exaggeration. We could have had the best year ever and I still wouldn't be any closer to becoming a real life Pokémon master. All JOSH-ing aside, It's this negative mentality that has saturated our social lives, both at home and at work. I see a hoard of hashtags that carry negative connotations towards the year like: "HT-over2020, HT-Refund2020". The year has gotten such a bad rap, just putting a hashtag before 2020 automatically creates the assumption that something bad has happened.

Instead of doting on what could have been or what should have been, my sister and I thought it might be a great exercise to reflect on the good that came from this year. Which is why, come November 22, I'm going to challenge myself to a gauntlet of our own design. Each day between November 22 and New Years Eve will be used to acknowledge something good that came from this year. 40 days seemed appropriate. From a religious aspect, 40 days is used throughout the Bible to describe trials for various biblical figures. From a nonreligious aspect, 40 days is enough to be challenging without being overwhelming. 40 is also what you get when you add 20 and 20 together - not everything has to have a grand reason.

The brainstorming process has been a revelation in itself. The human race is amazingly resilient and adaptable, yet it's so easy to take that adaptability for granted or to miss it all together. I realized, some of the greatest opportunities I've ever had were born from the events of this year. "When one door shuts another one opens." This saying rings true even in the darkest of times. The time is now, to take stock in the good and appreciate being a human in 2020!

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